One piece dumpp

mmmmmnnnn Cindry doodle, i like how this came out to be honest ! its an improvement on the last time i drew this character ! 

Monet ! I really really love her wowie 

Yeah we couldn't have a one piece dump without at least one drawing of Moria 

The queen of all 

Cutest princess, i draw her way tooo much 

Ace whoah, Ace became an interesting character AFTER he died which is kinda sad really


Doodle of an old character bc i need to revive him wowie 
Pastel-y echo thingie which i thought turned out pretty nice 
Quickie Icon!

A selection of sketches

i made this a while ago, i'm not sure what i was sad about but it was something. 

Some sketches of deer for studies i suppose.
I was practicing my abtnthro art so i doodled echo. Interestingly enough my hair isn't all that poofy anymore, i cut it short on one side. 
A veeeeeeeerrrrryyy quick reference of a character of mine 


Okay so this weird comic requires a little explanation. 
But i'm not going to explain it because its funnier without the logic. 

Mostly bats

Hey look, its a new character. Well actually Monica here is my alternate fursona but you get the idea ! 
Ah yes, Proactive Defect. In a suit.
I'm sure there was some logic to this drawing at some point. 
Monica digital painting. Not really much to say about this, the wings look a little off but on the whole i'm pleased with it! 

Attack On Titan?

 Now personally i'm not a massive AOT fan Im only on episode 19 but my friend is so most of these doodles are thing's she's asked me to draw or ive just drawn for her. 
Annie and Armin
Also Rico, who is rlly rlly cute. 
Whats with all the blondes ? 


Bouncy icons !
Weird headshot things? 

Pokemon-ish icons 8D 

I was doodling with pixels and this just.. Happened. And don't take me seriously i'm sure your otp is great //sweats

Take a moment to appreciate that amazing book cover.

Echo with her new horns.. And third eye. 

anyway thats about all the new art i have for you so
blog spam over? 

MORE one piece

When i said this blog goes through phases i wasn't kidding. Anyway, have the cutie ghost princess. 
Actually, you can buy this on shirts and stuff in my RedBubble Store so thats fun! 

Crummy drawing of Caesar Clown woops 
i think i forgot to colour his teeth 
This guy again. Because he's stupidly good fun to draw?
Also i gave him really anime eyes wOOPS 
and yes they are actually red in canon hush 
laughs his ear looks so awkward like
hello yes i am ear

anyway, thats all the one piece fanart i have eyy


she looks so done omg 
what even 
basically all of them are in the same position 
is she okay 
im honestly really worried for my artistic abilities
her ears look like some type of sea life
and the one that started them all 

if you're confused:
I sketched all of these with my left hand and then drew the lineart and coloured with my right. The result is quite magical.

Wiggle icons

omg these are so much fun to draw !
Well its fun until you need to trace them for the 100th time 
I post these to my deviantart which is here